16 September 2006

to clarify

it didn't begin here. this series of writings has it's origins in personal correspondence and then on tribe where i started writing about my creative process and posting pictures of what i made that day. and for those of you that don't subscribe to those awful member sites, here you go. a glimpse into my business world. this is my making up for not updating my website as regularly as i would like to. i always meant to write regular open lettres on the front page of my website, but i never got around to it. i think i am lazy, but the reality is that i am too busy. i have current photos i haven't posted. i have new designs all the time. i make custom projects that few people ever see. i keep getting in trouble for not keeping a record. aren't memories enough? i don't have much interest in living in the past.

where is the line drawn between personal and business? if we were keeping track of time, i spend more time in my studio than i do at home. and when i am out i have to hand out at least one card. shameless self-promotion has become a habit. i am still not so convinced that my life is all that glamourous, others tend to disagree. this is for you to decide.