03 October 2006

trunk show crazy and the age old tale of procrastination

we have been trying to schedule this trunk show in bend for months. we finally settled on 6 october, but then we never heard back. i suggested to melissa (my sales rep), that we just keep the day open, and not bother trying to contact them anymore. we have other things to do. of course the next day they contact us with the final confirmation. great! my last wedding of the season was 30 september. so then i get a call to do first thursday 5 october. the show is corporate sponsored in a prime location with free radio advertising! and even better, it's not a fashion show. i am already stockpiling for holiday.

of course that last wedding took longer than i thought. last week was spent by me alternately feeling calm and out and out panic. deadlines have always been a necessary part of my life; or at least i assumed that. how many papers was i finishing at 2a the morning before class? or am i still blind stitching the lining in as my client is walking up the stairs to their appointment? i have gotten better. i have my book of lists so i don't forget everything, and normally as a rule, i finish everything i need to finish for a client at least one day before i see them. but old habits die hard. my house and studio always are in dire need of being spotless during a big crunch. i can never seem to leave my house on time. today i am on my computer. i should have left hours ago.

it's alright, i am multi-tasking right now. i am eating breakfast. i think i reached my breaking point last week, because i haven't been panicking. yesterday, i calmly cut out many corsets, camisoles, dresses, ruffles. hopefully i will have your size, if not i can get it to you by the end of the month. at least it isn't the same old things i am tired of already that no one has even seen yet. come and see!

THURSDAY 5 October 2006 in Portland, OR 6p-9p
urbaca salon, 120 nw 9th suite 101

94/7fm invites you to the first ever "Alternative Gala" featuring local artists, benefitting pear. p:ear ( is a non-profit organization working to build positive relationships with transitional and homeless kids through education, art, and recreation to establish confidence and create healthier lives.

Kick back to the smooth tones from Area 54, nosh on Urban Fondue treats, and sip Widmer beverages not to mention enjoy art from local artists, Jay Moody, Eden Dawn (, Piper Ewan (, Sondra Sinay, and OF COURSE artwork from p:ear! Kick back to the smooth tones from Area 54, nosh on Urban Fondue treats, and sip Widmer beverages. The 94/7fm Alternative Gala....Food...Drinks...Art Delights......... for more information go to keyword "gala."

FRIDAY 6 October 2006 in Bend, OR 6p-9p
Edman Fine Furniture
1020 NW Wall Street

featuring: piper ewan everyday couture and accessories, sha montana's exotic skin bags and accessories, flare by faith jennings and brunet jewelry!

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