29 January 2007

playing with others

i usually use this space to write about my own creative process, but for a good portion of the last few weeks, i have been collaborating with fellow egg artist brent wear. this begun with his january collaboration show in the egg's launchpad gallery and is continuing with my p:ear gallery show "object and embellishment" that opens this first thursay 1 february 2007. i gave brent a box of felt and a pair of scissors. together we have created some interesting conversations in fiber on quilts, skirts and wall pieces. i decided it would be interesting to interview him about his creative process. and what it is like to work in this new medium.

kirsten: how would you describe your fashion sense?
brent: i like 70's clothes, bright colours, shiny objects and hats, i definitely like hats.

kirsten: how does that translate when decorating clothes?
brent: i don't think it should be too over the top. it should be subtle, but colourful and fun. it should be sneaky and playful, but it shouldn't say "wow, that outfit is really wearing that guy." because people are going to ask you about it.

kirsten: how attached are you to other people understanding your artwork as you see it?
brent: not very attached. it presents part of a story, but it's basically up to the viewer to come up with their own conclusion, and possibly tell me what they see, rather than me telling them how they should feel.

kirsten: what's your favourite colour?
brent: i'll tell you what's my favourite colour right now. right now i am very fond of pink.

kirsten: a lot of our work is about conversations and the characters' interactions. what do you think these works reveal about our relationship to each other?
brent: it is about the different ways we interct with each other through emotions and thoughts like an open ended lettre. it's symbols and feelngs you can't express in words. it speaks to the subconscious. it's why i do art. if i could express these things in words, i would be a writer.

kirsten: how does your work translate into the medium of fibers?
brent: i think it is a very fluid translation. it is colours and interacting in its own medium of textiles.

kirsten: what other mediums are you curious about experimenting with?
brent: sculpture, animtion, music. i would like to be part of the creation of the music that would accompany my art. music is already a big influence.

kirsten: how do you see music as an influence on your work?
brent: i am constantly listening ot music when i make art. it influences emotionally, and seeps its way into my work as i listen.

kirsten: what are you listening to today? i listened to the new shins record 4 times today, vampiros lesbos and the flaming lips. and yes i do like to listen to the same song over and over.

come and see what we are talking about!

first thursday at P:ear
809 sw alder in downown portland
"object and embellishment"
reception 6p -9p 1 february 2007
show runs through 23 february 2007
by chance or by appointment

first friday in the launchpad gallery @ the egg
534 se oak street (at grand & 6th)
"the love show" (and check us out upstairs)
opening reception 6p - 12a
gallery hours 3p - 6p tues - sat 12p - 3p sun or by appointment

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