01 March 2007

my brush with the law

we went to the lawyer yesterday for a quick lesson on copyright law, trademarks, licensing and incorporation. things are happening. the lawyer put our minds at ease. the big announcement and launch will be here soon. when i woke up on 1 january 2007, i had no idea that i would be starting a new company; much less with contracts and lawyers and licenses and copyrights and trademarks. i was just sewing some characters that brent cut out on some skirts.

we are still in our phase of introductory offers. hoodies for $65. and skirts are 30% off retail.

you still need to own one, i still need the money. come see me, come see us.

tonight (1 march 2007) at the secret society ballroom 116 ne russell (west of mlk next to the wonder ballroom) 5-9ish

tomorrow: first friday at the egg 534 se oak street 7-midnight

or any other day by appointment

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