04 April 2007

at war with the dandylions

on my way in to the studio today i noticed that the dandylions are out in full bloom. their bright yellow heads peering from lawns, cracks in the pavement, gutters and everyone's unweeded gardens. it seems to me that most people hate dandylions and the colour yellow. i have gotten strong reactions to yellow, with people commenting on how much they hate it. almost as much as they hate dandylions with their long stubborn tap root that refuses to be wrestled out of the ground without a fight.

i understand the reluctance to wear yellow. on me, it clashes with my skin tone, which contains a good amount of yellow. it was the leper colour at the toy store. all of the assortments' yellow product was almost always the last to sell. but without yellow, my flower assortments look incomplete. yellow is the lightest colour in the flower spectrum if we would like to exclude white. yellow is a good accessory colour, and used sparingly, it draws the eye. and while yellow may clash with my skin tone, it looks great in my dark hair.

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