19 June 2007

one thing leads to another...

i made two blanks of this skirt figuring that i could get them both done in one day. this skirt took me over two weeks. so much for making more than two. this skirt's sister will be made using bigger pieces, and how long it takes for her to come together will determine the cost of the first one. all told (if you remove the time lollygagging) the first skirt took me about 10-12 hours. if i could be paid for resisting, i would be really rich right now. if i could stop resisting, i would have a lot more pieces hanging on my racks.

now that this skirt is done, it is time for me to take a cue from my studio mates, and clean up my studio. the open space in the middle has been closing in on me. the piles of unfinished projects and half-baked ideas are weighing on me. this has been going on for quite some time. it was a slow rise of the tide of resentment building in me, and that wave crashed against the shore yesterday. so i will put my bad mood to good use. i need to spend a bit of time by myself making my surroundings pretty again. the clutter is starting to get to me.

1 comment:

dori said...

my god that skirt is... INCREDIBLE.

i especially love this, and those cute little dresses you made recently.