25 June 2008

putting myself out there

there is more out there in the world than the little bubble i seem to live in. today out of the blue i received an invitation from a lady in paris to join a french social networking site:

now i have sworn off of joining any new internet things, except that i get suckered into so many things under the guise of 'business.' but then why not? the more things to come up when people who are looking for me who didn't know that they were looking for me. lately i have gotten at least one inquiry email from random people who have been keeping tabs on me, which is always a pleasant surprise. i am so in my own little world here in my studio, and i forget about the rest of everything beyond. last week was a lady from switzerland. who knew?

that artist that you like? drop them a line and tell them so, we get lonely stuck in our studios staring at our work all day.

this piece sold last month on etsy, but i am considering making another just because it is such an amazing photo (by my friend amy parker www.kaizennw,com )

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