24 April 2009

my hierarchy of procrastination

on monday the sun was shining, so i wandered the opposite direction to the mountain to sit under a tree.

on tuesday i knitted, because i didn't feel like making hairpins.

on wednesday morning, i made hairpins to put off going to my studio to inventory garters and hem pants.

on wednesday afternoon, i made garters to avoid hemming pants. then i hemmed pants to avoid making dance costumes.

on thursday morning, i typed on the computer to avoid making flowers. then, i made flowers to avoid going to my studio and drafting patterns.

on thursday afternoon, i made garters to avoid drafting patterns.

today i MUST draft patterns; that was supposed to be done right now.

i write lists and lists in an attempt get everything done. in the past, i would procrastinate by having another cup of tea, running off to happy hour or just staring out the window. now i am procrastinating by doing things that are lower on my list.

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Emmaandmaha said...

I love this picture. I am saving to my desktop for those days I need a's too cute!!