16 September 2009

some photos of the first incarnation

here are some photos of my new studio. i am still unpacking boxes, and trying to get into the swing of things. today i painted a screen that i have been meaning to finish for the better part of a decade (i know) and my a-board sign. i had help from my painter friend brent wear who is in charge of the art on the walls.

i am still on the fence about having regular hours, but i am available by appointment if you want to come visit. i will be posting my *by chance* hours on my twitter page.


Fringe said...

It's completely fabulous! All of your creations plus the beautiful artwork on the walls will surely inspire you. Congratulations on your new creative space.

Thanks for sharing the photos.

SB said...

Looks awesome!! I love it :)

faerwear said...

wow, your studio looks amazing, and so professional. you rock, woman.

Kirsten Moore said...

thanks everyone! if you find yourselves in pdx, come visit! while it is nice to not have the parade of people wandering through the building (which was the case in my old space), i always like visitors!