24 November 2009

buy handmade for the holidays

I Took The Handmade Pledge!

here's where i can get preachy, and you probably realize my bias, but i have to say it: BUY HANDMADE FOR THE HOLIDAYS.

we can all try and debate whether art has value in society, so let's just assume that it does. myself, and most of the people i know make their livings by our hearts and hands. we are kind of old fashioned that way. if you have been following my career, you know that i try to make as much as i can on my own, and what i can't make, i try to get from another local artisan or small business. times have been difficult for many of us, and small gestures do make a big difference. big boxes have the finances behind them to weather out months of bad economy, whereas us little guys can have our lives turn south after only a couple of bad months. we are a large part of your local economy. i am not endorsing rampant consumerism, but a careful consideration of what you spend your money on and the impact of that purchase after money exchanges hands. so a few things i am asking you to consider when making a purchase:

where did it come from? who made it? how long will you use it? does it enhance your life or surroundings? can it be repaired if it breaks? recycled? can it be passed along to someone else when you are done with it?

and most of all: do you love it?

i live in a small space, so every object that i bring in to my house has to pass the "do you love it test". i have based my life and career around beautifying people and their surroundings. a necessity? some might not think so, but living in beautiful surroundings enhances my well being. so during the holiday season (and all year round too) go to one of the zillion craft fairs in your neighborhood (many of them are supporting local charities as well), your local farmer's market, small businesses, and etsy.

take the pledge:

I Took The Handmade Pledge!

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