06 August 2010


SATURDAY 7 AUGUST IS MY LAST DAY AT 323 NW 6th we will be open from 12-6

yes, in all caps. come by, take away some sample pieces at amazing prices. and if you come to view this post afterwards, here's what is happening (until you hear otherwise). i am NOT going out of business. what i am doing is taking a bit of time to regroup, and focus.

first up: my wholesale and online etsy store will continue as usual. there will be a couple of days where i won't ship (monday and tuesday 9-10 august), but after that i will certainly be filling orders on time as always. and as always i will answer my phone and my email.

second: i will not be taking custom work for a little while (close friends excepted), because i will be working out of my tiny turret room where i can barely fit myself and my cat, much less a full service atelier. so for the time being, i won't be doing any ground-up gowns or large projects. however, i will still be filling custom colours of existing styles and making things that do not involve fittings or alterations. so flowers, feathery things and garters, yes.

third: i have so many designs that are half-finished that i have been trying to add to my line FOREVER. i am hoping to complete some of those so that they may be available for wholesale and retail before next spring. yes, i am slow, but i am a perfectionist. i want you to look good.

don't be a stranger. i am still living in town. you will still see me meandering around town in my fancy dresses trying not to catch my skirt in the back wheel of my bicycle. i will keep you posted about it on my twitter account. i will be doing some selected trunk shows and holiday fairs in the coming months. when i know where i will be going next, i promise to keep you posted...

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