14 August 2013

Crossover: Tying Drawing and Embroidery Together

This is a work in progress, and it is taking a long time. But one's life work hopefully does take a long time. I have told you quite a bit about my Calendar Project, and I have a lot to say about craft when it comes to me attempting to translate what is in my head into a tangible thing. This began in music school with hours of practice to be able to produce the sound I wanted on demand. Same with fashion: from idea, to 2-d to 3-d with movement, flattering to the particular figure, and drawing the eye in a line away from and to..

So what does drawing have to do with sewing? It has to do with me wanting to execute that blurry vision in my head that needs to be in physical form. A bird on a corset. Drawn in thread.

I had no intention of writing today, I was just going to keep pecking away at these projects that are new, but feel like I've been working on forever until I came across my friend Diane's invitation to write about exploration for Tara Swiger's Exploration Party, and this was exactly what I am working on, but quietly in the background in hopes that it will be done sooner than later. I have ideas. I just feel the need to get them out the way I picture them in my head, or better than the blurry vision in my head. This means trying out new things to expand the possibilities for the best crafted and pleasantly unexpected outcome I can get. 

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Diane Gilleland said...

I've loved watching your daily bird drawing project unfold, and I keep thinking about how this practice will translate to embroidery eventually. The stitching you do is so fine and delicate, I imagine your bird corset will be a stunning thing indeed.