04 October 2013

Drawing, 365 Daily Projects, Forming Habits and A Question

Many people make New Year's resolutions, or from this day forward lifestyle changes that have varying degrees of success. If you follow me anywhere, you know I've been drawing birds. Almost every day this year, one on every page of my calendar. And here I am in the last quarter of the year. Very soon, I will have to purchase a 2014 datebook. Now I won't lie, it is incredibly satisfying to see a drawing on every page of this book. The idea of not drawing something everyday is kind of sad and weird. I may continue. Not sure if I will continue with the singular purpose of songbirds, but who knows?

This little project started as an attempt to learn to draw birds. I definitely feel that my drawing has improved, but there is still room for growth. It has also led to some re-occuring characters, that may lead to other projects. Usually in the morning before I get dressed and start my day, I have my cup of tea and draw a bird, or an outline of a bird to ink in throughout my day. This is now a habit, and a good one. Kind of like a good diet or exercise that you trained yourself to do over time. It takes time to form good habits.

Have you done an everyday project for a continuous span of time? What impact did it have and did you hesitate to end it?

So here are the calendar drawings so far: 2013 Calendar Pages on Flickr
I actually have some original bird drawings for sale in my etsy shop with a complete list here:  Bonus Birds on Flickr if you see one that you are interested in, let me know.

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