24 May 2007

attempting to design a classic

just to give you an idea about creating a design from scratch, i have been working on this dress since january. it is a very simple dress, but the most simple designs are sometimes the hardest. they are like the slow movement of a piece of music; there is nothing to hide behind. no flashy distractions like ruffles or volumes of gathered fabric, just a basic contour darts and seams.

this dress is inspired by the 1960's sheath dress, but instead of an a-line from the shoulder, it nips in at the waist for definition. i was never a fan of the sack dress, as it is unflattering on most figures. i was going for a nice classic design that can be very versatile. look for this dress in cotton for summer to be worn by itself as a mini-dress or as a long shirt over pants; slightly longer and made out of silk for a simple bride's maids' dress (or summer formal or garden party dress); and in the fall out of wool as a jumper with a shirt underneath and tights or knee-socks. the possibilities are endless...

1 comment:

ultra said...

I love the shape of this dress. I am so into that era of simple minidresses right now. Lovely.