15 May 2007

black swan act II

he last two days have been spent coating a cheap tank top in "feathers" made out of tulle, organza with sparkly bits, and silk scraps. deconstructionist fashion at its best. triangle scraps of fabric with their ends free make the body of the swan, with the rest sewn down for texture. tomorrow we fit on the body. i can just have my client put it on, and i will pin and tuck until it is the shape we want. then we will decide what to add to the crinoline. we decided that the swan would be sleeping.

regular couture conventions are thrown out the window with costumes. costumes are a freeing experience; i don't have to draft a pattern, or worry about grading for size or making another one ever again, for that matter. the seams don't need to be perfect, and the piece doesn't have to last forever. it is a beautiful illusion meant to be seen from a distance. it is a moment, an alias.

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