20 January 2012

believe that everything is possible in 2012

Behind the scenes here in Piper Ewan land, I have been slowly coming to terms with the changes that I am needing to make in my business that I have been working on with numerous distractions for the last while. I have finally given up on the idea of an ETA or a deadline. The best I can do is keep on task. I have made every attempt to live my life on my own terms, and have been attempting to run my business on my own terms since I started back in 1998. There has been some straying from this here and there in order to try things out against my better judgment or out of necessity or both. I have followed along my tangled path, and have learned quite a few things along the way:

* Planning ahead makes things easier.

* Things almost never go according to plan.

* Try new things.

* For fun projects often turn into the best product lines.

* If something doesn't work after a million tries, let it go.

* Let go of as many things as possible; letting go of things allows for growth and for them to hang around on their own terms, and their solutions come easier.

* If I feel pulled towards something/someone check it/them out.

* Opportunities will present themselves in strange ways.

* With time design solutions present themselves.

* You can actually meet amazing people on the internets (see below).

* It is good to have hobbies; not everything I make needs to be developed into a product.

* People DO remember when you are nice and handle bad situations gracefully.

* Everything takes longer than you want it to.

* Shortcuts take longer than following all the steps, and end in an inferior end product. (true for sewing, true for business)

That isn't everything, but enough for this post. Writing them down, because it is the advice that I find myself giving others from my own experience, but would do well to follow myself. I have gotten way better. My resolve is firm.

In the photo: I have met some really amazing people on the internet who have turned into IRL in real life friends. My friend Shana Hampton is working on this crazy embroidery project for the new year. I was surprised to receive one, but super excited to have this piece grace my altar of things. Sharing the shelf with the embroidered inspiration is THE LOOKOUT a christmas gift from my best friend who was super excited to give him/her to me; made by the amazing Gesine Kratzner check out some of her sculptures.

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